The Express meets the needs of our more price-conscious customers. All models come with double or ramp rear doors, aluminum skin, lauan interior walls and bias ply tires.

Single Axle Express Cargo
5', 6' and 7' wide

Single Axle Cargo Trailer

Tandem Axle Express Cargo
6' and 7' wide
Wheel wells on outside

Tandem Axle Cargo Trailer

Tandem Axle Express Cargo
8' wide
Wheel wells on inside

Tandem Axle Cargo Trailer

(Trailers stocked at Trailer City)
  • Additional 6" Interior Height
  • Interior Lights with Wall Switch
  • Aluminum Tread Plate Rockshield
  • Side Vents (single axle)/Roof Vent (tandem axle)
  • Double Rear Door or Ramp Gate
  • Semi-style Camlock Door Latch
  • Door Hold-Back on Rear Door
  • Leaf Spring Axle
  • Black Center Caps
  • Galvanized Roof
  • .030 Mill-Finish Aluminum Top Wrap
  • 3/16" Lauan Wall Liner with Lauan Trim
  • Fiberglass Radius Front Cap
  • License Plate Holder with Built-in Light
  • .030 Aluminum Exterior (available in 15 colors)
  • Colord Aluminum Wrap on Rear
  • Exposed Steel Painted Epoxy Black
  • Painted Undercarriage
  • Welded Safety Chains